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Trix 12412 - DR BR58 Locomotive

Freight Locomotive with Tender

BR 58.10-21 DR

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Prototype: German State Railroad class 58.10-21. 2-10-0 design. Built starting in 1919 for the Prussian State Railroad Administration. Use: Heavy freight trains.

Model: Era III, In the new, impressive Trix technology: • Locomotive and tender made of diecast metal • Motor with bell-shaped armature, with flywheel • Motor and gear drive in boiler • Digital connector in tender • Close coupling between locomotive and tender Finely detailed model, 5 axles powered through side rods, 4 traction tires. Length over buffers 116 mm / 4-9/16".

Highlights: Model for the first time in a DR version. Metal construction. Motor with bell-shaped armature in the boiler. Digital connector.

The class 58 was retired by the DB by 1953. On the DR by contrast, the G12 was in daily service for a much longer time. The DR had a total of 511 of the class 58 locomotive. They had come from different provincial railroads: 422 Prussian, 57 Saxon, 30 Baden and 2 from Würtemberg. This powerful locomotive was indispensable will into Era 4, some even underwent an extensive overhaul with a new boiler.    

  • Manufacturer Trix
  • Scale N
  • Item Type Locomotive and Powered Units